Pancakes for Woodmore

“I think the big thing is that our team members really wanted to give back — this tragic event touched a lot of people’s hearts,” said Cleveland managing partner Leann Pulliam.

The Brainerd, Cleveland and Hixson LongHorn restaurants raised a total of $2,845 by hosting pancake breakfast events over the past few weeks. The Hixson location started things off with a breakfast on Thanksgiving weekend.

“My assistant manager, Whitney Summerlin, really wanted to do something because he has children who are in elementary school in (Hamilton County) and it really touched him. He started talking to team members and we put together a pancake breakfast that weekend. He really spearheaded the whole thing and I was really proud of his involvement,” said Hixson LongHorn managing partner Deann Burris.

The Cleveland and Brainerd stores followed the very next weekend.  While the managers admitted that their turnout wasn’t huge for the quickly planned pancake breakfasts, they were grateful for the donations that still came in.

“Our turnout wasn’t as big, as much as the opening of wallets was. We had a lot of people drop off money,” Pulliam explained.